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Legal and appraisal firm "PARTNER"

Legal and appraisal firm "PARTNER" was created and has been rendering legal servicessince 1999 ,assessmentservicessince 2002.

During this time we served hundreds of individuals and legal entities, not only of the Tambov region and regions of Russia,
but also foreign companies and citizens of Germany, Bulgaria, Finland, Great Britain, Austria, Yugoslavia, Ukraine,
Belarus and other CIS countries, of whom a significant number are on our constant maintenance.
We initially sought to ensure that the employer effectively assist in the solution of problems
he faces every day, throughout the plant lifecycle - from creation to disposal.
Over the years much has been done:
- There are new areas of work;
- There was a professional level of our experts;
- We have become more accessible to a wide range of customers of our services. The main result for us - we have gained many new partners.
It partners rather than customers, as the process of rendering services in our execution involves, as a rule, active interaction with the customer. In the course of this interaction, we learn more about each other and we get a mutually beneficial result.
It would not be an exaggeration to say that the formation and development of legal and appraisal firm " PARTNER" you do not have a smaller contribution than we - staff members of the firm.


JSC "YUOF" PARTNER "in the market assessment services since 2002.
Our specialists have a unique experience in determining the market value of the property, market-based value of the rent for the use of property and other values.
Our clients are a number of government agencies:
- Property Management Committee of the Tambov region;
- Committee on tariffs and pricing policies of the Leningrad region;
Committee for the Management of Municipal Property Tambov;
Committee of Land Resources Tambov;
Administration g.Uvarovo;
Administration of the Tambov region;
Administration Pichaevskogo area;
State Center for Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs of the customer;
In addition, the company is accredited and is evaluating the benefit of nine banks, including VTB, Sberbank, Russian Agricultural Bank, etc.