Юридическо-оценочная фирма  «ПАРТНЕР»

Legal Services (Litigation Support)

Legal services (legal outsourcing) is a comprehensive legal service activities of companies on all legal issues arising in the process of financial activities of a company, which allows to avoid making rash decisions, reduce financial and legal risks.

We provide all types of legal services to organizations in the framework of litigation support,  our service is paid on a monthly basis in a fixed amount of money. We work in our client's office on an agreed schedule, in urgent situations we are called up by phone.  

The following services are provided on the legal service contract:

- Consultation on the company activities;
- Development and preparation of contracts, legal review of contracts; assistance for conclusion, amendment and termination of contracts;
- Participation in tax disputes, appeals of actions and decisions of tax authorities;
- Preparation of claims (motivated response to a claim);
- Checking constituent documents on legal requirements;
- Amendments to constituent documents;
- Advice on labour law, development and drafting of employment contracts, job descriptions, internal  labour rules, collective employment agreements;
- Representation of interests in courts and other organizations.